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With 5 delicious flavours to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone. Whether you want curry in a hurry or some Mexican heat on the go, our ready-to-eat 100% chicken on a stick will definitely help save those cravings! From only 65 calories per pack and up to 12g protein what’s not to love?! Come and explore our range… Go Grab It!

About Grab It

Ready-to-eat 100% chicken on a stick that’s low in fat but bursting with flavour, Grab It is here to cure your hunger! Our mission is to fill your belly and keep your conscience clear with our high-in-protein, simple and mess-free chicken snacks – the ideal healthy snack for all occasions. With us, it’s simple: Go Grab It.


Got a question?

Ever wondered where you can buy our delicious ready-to-eat chicken snacks from? Or perhaps you’re curious about how our tasty Grab it chicken is cooked? Find out more on our FAQs page.


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