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Grab It chicken on a stick is here to cure your hunger!

Our mission is to fill your belly and keep your conscience clear with fresh, low-fat, full-flavour chicken snacks. Get a healthy hit of protein and pack in some SERIOUS spice.

We choose to take on every day with one mindset: Fresh, simple, full flavour. Because snacking should be healthy, and slightly hedonistic. In one bite. So, if you’re hungry, or you want to try something new, make the most of it.

With us, it’s simple: Go Grab It.

Why Grab It?

  • Amazing flavour
  • High in protein
  • Low in fat
  • Low in calories
  • Ready to eat


You are what you eat. So we help you achieve snack nirvana, while sticking to a healthy diet:

  • 12g of healthy protein*
  • Only 65 calories per snack*
  • Suited to a healthy low-fat diet

* 12g of protein and 65 calories in Grab It Original Chicken on a Stick


Grab It snacks are made with succulent whole chicken breast pieces, so you get the freshest flavour, made with the best ingredients:

  • 100% whole chicken breast in each snack
  • Sealed for freshness to lock in those flavours
  • Eat on the go, wherever you are
Grab It Mango Habanero pack


We all love a BIG flavour hit. So Grab It snacks are crammed full of street-food flavours to tease your tastebuds:

  • On-trend flavours like spicy Vindaloo and Habanero Mango
  • Hand-skewered and marinated for the freshest flavours
  • The lip-smacking taste of fresh whole chicken breast pieces on a stick


Grab It chicken snacks keep those tummy rumbles under control. And with your chicken on a stick, it’s simple and mess-free to snack on the go.

  • Sealed for freshness and served on a handy stick for on the go occasions
  • Available in the chilled aisle whenever you need a protein hit
  • Stick a Grab It in your packed lunch for you and all the family


Got a question?

Ever wondered where you can buy our delicious ready-to-eat chicken snacks from? Or perhaps you’re curious about how our tasty Grab it chicken is cooked? Find out more on our FAQs page.


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